Cannabis light serra idroponica goccia a goccia tunnel fiori

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The growth in close contact with many agricultural realities has helped us to cultivate a great passion for the land, which over time has led us to take an interest in alternative cultures, including that of cannabis . Operating in this sector since 2018, we immediately studied the trend and methods of growing cannabis used in America .

cannabis tunnel greenhouse In 2020 we are building a high-tech greenhouse , the goal is to recreate the best conditions for growth and development within it as in an indoor plant.

Thanks to an automated darkening system, we have the ability to force flowering in plants and make up to 4 harvests in a year. The advantages are many, better quality , better cultivation control and above all being able to supply a fresh product at all times of the year. 

greenhouse blackout marijuana cannabis

Another aspect that immediately convinced us to create this type of system is the possibility of making full use of sunlight, reducing the energy impact typical of indoor cultures! In fact, we at pini aim to bring our company to zero emissions by 2024.

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